Shree Video Series 9/12

Enjoy a blast from our recent past with this short late spring sequence. With Leia Layus The yoga sequence presented here is not suitable for everyone, and is by no means a substitute for professional medical care. The exercises taught in this video could result in injury. Any user of this online video program assumes … Continue reading Shree Video Series 9/12

What’s Stopping You?

What’s stopping you from becoming your most whole, integrated, and amazing self? What’s stopping you from making the world a better place by getting out of your ego’s way and doing things that benefit you, your community, and the planet entire? These are big questions, profound questions, and the kind of exploration that I personally … Continue reading What’s Stopping You?


Life happens. People share space, relationships, experiences. People make mistakes. Like many others I have spent much of my life comparing myself to others and not enough accepting myself as I am. I forget to accept others as they are too. The lack of self-acceptance has more than once turned into an unbearable agony. I … Continue reading Bittersweet