The Shree Yantra Wall

What is that geometric design that encompasses the back wall and the bathroom door at Shree?  What does it mean? It is called a ‘Shree Yantra.”   Yantras come from the tantric traditions of Indian religions.  Yantra translates literally as “machine” or “contraption” in sanskrit. The machine of a yantra  is a visual representation for meditation. … Continue reading The Shree Yantra Wall

Still Evolving

This piece is written direct to you if you’ve ever felt like your yoga practice has gone stale. Or perhaps you’ve noticed that though you gained flexibility in your hamstrings, you’ve not broken out of emotional habits you thought were a part of the process. If you are wondering why you’ve not yet reached enlightenment, … Continue reading Still Evolving

Less is More

Upon first look one may not notice that I took time or made an effort to “dress” myself. It’s hard to see when my presentation of “dressed” is a tee shirt and jeans. That’s if I’m lucky. More often its a tee shirt and yoga pants. Perhaps it is because I am from a rural town … Continue reading Less is More