Time Soup

if we had never forgotten and were in a state of always remembering there is no mistake in being here we might fall to our knees in praise of a bee’s buzz – their sting – and harvest we might be easier about shitty behavior and traffic and rather, focus on how to heal a … Continue reading Time Soup

A Love Manifesto

To be made of Love, unquestionably    To question everything in the search for Love To walk in fullness, breathing deeply everyday To touch the earth and everything living with defenseless courage    And give thanks for every opportunity to love each other To dream unconditionally and act Honestly To create fearlessness where fear is Tempting To be … Continue reading A Love Manifesto

Home Fires

I’ve been putting off writing this and I know why. It’s an uncomfortable subject, perhaps not for you, the reader, but certainly for myself. The subject is homelessness. Not as an abstract idea, nor as a cause for social justice but actual, physical homelessness- specifically my own. I spent a period of roughly two years … Continue reading Home Fires