Recess and Prepare

Good day dear Shree community,   I write to you at the closing of the year and from a tender space in my heart. It’s time for me to take a recess from teaching yoga. It’s time to go inside and rest, rejuvenate, and prepare. Sometime in the coming weeks my family can expect a … Continue reading Recess and Prepare


Celebration of events that are special is a vital part of a spiritual practice.  It reveals who we are as a person and what we value.  In sanskrit, the word for celebration is Utsava.  Broken down, ut means removal and sava means wordly sorrows or grief.  This is what celebration can do for us, transform … Continue reading Celebration/Utsava


Seva should walk hand in hand with sadhana (spiritual practices). If one is absent, you will not gain anything from the other. From sadhana you get the strength to do seva, and from seva you get depth in sadhana. -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar- Seva, which translates as “selfless service” in sanskrit, is the practice where … Continue reading Seva